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Vending Machines 


Pre Authorisation

To use the vending machines outside you need to do a pre-authorisation as the vending machine goes off weights of products. 

The Fridge PRE-AUTHORISATION is £15 for each door you go into 

The Freezer PRE-AUTHORISATION is £25

Once the transaction is complete and you’ve taken out the products, your card issuer should release any unused money almost immediately. However, it’s been reported that in some instances it may take longer for the amount to reappear on your banking app. It can take up to 5 working days for the money to be put back into your account. If you’re concerned that the held money isn’t reappearing in your account, you should contact your issuing bank for guidance. The machine will only charge you for the value of the products taken.

I would like to say this is not something I can change - either the pre-authorisation as that is down to the card machine company or the length of time your bank holds the pre-authorisation. I do know that Starling, Halifax and LLoyds don't hold it but Cumberland can take the 5 full working days. 

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