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Katherines Jersey Soap

Katherines Jersey Milk Soap is 100% natural and is handcrafted for you in Cumbria, using the only the finest ingredients,  in a recycled box which can be recycled again.  

Using a soap crafted from cows milk goes back centuries and follows the traditional methods of skincare, that have been trusted all over the world, as it is rich in Vitamin B12, which is essential to our body and provides a great amount of protein to the skin. 

Katherines Jersey Milk Soap is made with fresh milk from my friendly, freerange, pampered Jersey Cows. It does not contain any artificial ingredients, palm oil, parebens or sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). It has amazing cleansing abilities whilst being soft and gentle on the skin.


The natural vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory fatty acids and antimicrobial properties, may help those with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and may even be of benefit to people suffering with acne.  


Using only the finest products, we have created three types of soap.

Pure & Natural is a soap using just Katherines Jersey Milk.

Oats & Honey is made with Katherines Jersey Milk,  Blencathra Honey from Wild & Fruitful in Keswick and Porridge Oats made by Warwick Bridge Corn Mill. 

Lemongrass is made using Katherines Jersey Milk with a hint of lemongrass 

All soaps are available to buy from The Old Dairy 

or can be purchased from our shop *Click below to buy online*


You can now buy your soap in three different packing. * Small Box for One Soap

* Gift Box for Three or More Soaps plus a Sisal Bag *Sisal Soap Bag


We’ve done some exploring on ways to make everything simple and easy for you to use and we’ve found the perfect bag for your soap. Not only can you hang your soap in the bag, you can wash yourself using this bag too.

Why is this bag so good?

EXFOLIATING EFFECT - The soap saver bag is great for exfoliation or massage. The friction creates rich foam on the skin, release dead skin cells and promote the blood circulation.

DRAWSTRING DESIGN - The cotton drawstring allows you to hang the soap sponge in your shower or bathtub tap to dry and keep your soap close at hand for the next application.

ECONOMIC - With the soap washing bag, the soap can be used up without any problems until the very end. Hang your soap with the bag after use for drying quickly to make it last longer.

NATURAL MATERIAL - Sisal is a natural fiber, a traditional material rough enough to clean and exfoliate skin, delicate enough to keep your skin sparkling.

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