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Katherines Jersey Milk

Katherines Jersey Milk is created by our friendly homebred brown cows by producing luxurious milk, with a traditional cream line. It has a deliciously rich and creamy flavour and a wonderful golden colour. Our milk comes to you with no food miles and completely the same day fresh. Straight after milking, we gently pasteurise the milk as much as possible to preserve all its natural quality and goodness... It is processed within minutes of leaving the milking parlour and can be in our vending machine here on the farm in two hours.

​We gently pasteurise the milk by heating it to 62ºC for 30 minutes and then cooled quickly again. This process ensures that harmful bacteria are reduced in numbers, so they don’t pose a health risk and help prolong shelf life... Then we load it into our vending machines for sale. Simply buy a glass bottle from our bottle vending machine and fill it at the milk vending machine. Then, when you have used your milk, wash the bottle and pop back to fill it up!

Simple as that.


Our milk is unhomogenised. This means that the cream rises to the top, as it should.

These simple processes, along with our fantastic cows and the grass they eat, mean the milk tastes great!

If you don't believe us, just try it…



Nutritional Information


Compared to standard whole milk, Katherines Jersey Milk is higher in protein and energy and contains more calcium and vitamins A, B, D, and E and iodine. As we do not standardise our milk, the exact nutritional content varies depending on factors such as the time of the year and the cows’ diet. However, the approximate values per 100ml are:

Energy: 74 kcal

Protein: 3.9 g

Fat: 5.6 g

Calcium: 133 mg

Katherines Jersey Milk is perfect on its own, tastes great in hot drinks, makes amazing milkshakes, and is delicious on breakfast cereals. It enhances any sweet and savoury recipe, including sauces, desserts, and baking. 


Fresh Whole Jersey Milk

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