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I would like to let everyone know that we will be open throughout this national lockdown.

I have been going in The Old Dairy and sanitising the machines several times a day since we opened making sure it is as safe as possible for you to come get your milk and other essential items.

We have hand sanitiser available in the doorway and also in front of the calves, if I can just remind everyone to use it before using the machines and after touching the calves, it will help reduce the chances of picking something up or spreading anything.

Usual hours 6am-7pm (as long as the gates open and the lights in the yard are on, we are open)

We have all the essentials that you need:

  • Quality, Fresh Jersey Milk

  • Farm Fresh Eggs

  • Two types of Garstang Cheese

  • Claire’s Handmade chutneys, Jams and Marmalade’s

  • Several delicious types of traybakes

  • Along with Snowman Soup and Rice Pudding to keep you nice and toasty on these chilly winter days.

Only one household in the vending machine room at a time

I will continue to keep cleaning the machines down several times a day to protect you the best I can.

Support small local businesses where you can

I want to thank you for your continued support and I am doing all I can to keep you all safe.

Thank you

Katherine x

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